Go Play In Space
Second Edition
By Bruce Irving


Download - GoPlayInSpace2dEd_060504 - (8.9 MB)

Go Play in Space - Second Edition, has been written to coincide with the release of Orbiter 2006. New features include instructions on using the recorded tutorials included with Orbiter, as well as information explaining the use of the 'newly added 'Scenario Editor' - a very useful piece of kit. There is also a new chapter -  'Dancing in the Dark' explaining orbital rendezvous and docking.

Additionally, a chapter entitled 'Mars Awaits' details a flight to Mars using IMFD. This was written in large part by myself at Bruce's invitation. It takes you all the way from the surface of the Earth to the surface of Mars. It was begun in the Orbiter 2005  and ended up being fully tested in the 2006 beta. This revealed that a slightly modified version of IMFD would be needed to take account of the new 'no panel view' buttons, and Jarmo came up with the goods very quickly. I would also like to extend my thanks to Terry Gibson, who as a first time user of IMFD put the chapter through its paces and made some valuable comments towards explaining things better.

In addition to Go Play in Space, Bruce Irving has prepared a presentation entitled - Go Learn in Space. This PDF presentation is aimed at teachers or anyone intending to demonstrate Orbiter to an audience of children or adults. Download - Go Learn in Space v2 - (2.8MB).




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